License Upgrades

The General Question pool has been updated. Study for the “new” questions. There is a higher percentage of questions regarding digital modes, and not just FT8. However, why be in a rush to upgrade? A lot can be done with a Technician license.

While I would like for a Technician to be allowed to operate CW in the old Novice portions of the bands, ten meters SSB is available. VHF+ frequencies are available.

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Having Fun and Helping Ham Radio Grow

My main job and role as the Section Manager is to grow ham radio, bring new people into the hobby, support those already in the hobby, and to make sure all of us are having fun, learning, and growing within this great technical hobby.

Colpitts Oscillator

When I was first licensed, the general and technician tests (they were the same written test, just a different required code speed) included the requirement to draw a schematic. Not choose a multiple-choice answer, but actually draw the schematic, freehand. I recall a Colpitts Oscillator had to be drawn. When I finally got around to taking my General test, it was a multiple choice test for the schematic questions. The 13 wpm code was pretty simple for me at 12 years old. We had to both send and receive. We had a radio room in the electric shop class where we sent and received code to each other for half an hour each class, until we took the Novice test.

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Understanding the Dues Increase

The ARRL Directors voted for a dues increase to $59/year beginning in 2024. There was a survey for members to complete, expressing their opinions about the dues increase. Members may review the results at: My review of the results indicated that a majority of members understood the need for the dues increase, and accepted an increase.

Operating a business, as ARRL is a business, takes money. Lobbying for such legislation as the proposed HOA/CC&R FCC preemption has cost an estimated $400,000, according to ARRL officials. Part of the survey results showed the raw number of respondents, by Division. There are 15 Divisions. We, the Southwestern Division, had the fewest number of survey respondents.

The dues increase was anticipated. The removal of home delivered QST, or other magazine, as a membership benefit was also anticipated, but came as a surprise to many.