Getting Started

We need to keep artificial barriers out of the growth and fun of ham radio. With permission, people who pass their license tests should receive marketing emails from their local clubs who should have received the information from the tester. Postal letters, even. I send the ARRL information about recently licensed and upgraded people to club leaders. The information should be used to let newly licensed hams know that there is someone there to help them get on the air. If their desire is for EmComm, then they need to know how to join ARES/XXX. They need to understand and learn how to talk on a repeater, the jargon used, the methodology and schedules. They need to know what a handheld radio is, where to find the frequencies, how to program the frequencies into their radios. New hams need to be welcomed into clubs and groups, to be felt as though they have someone to talk with so they can understand the difference between VHF and UHF, so they can learn about the fun of ham radio.

Ham Radio Fun